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Featured Interview: Freedom from Pain Masterclass

Recently I was interviewed for the Freedom from Pain Masterclass. Check out the interview here! Read More »

Featured Interview: Nutrition and Alcohol

I was recently featured on The Alcohol and Addiction Podcast to talk about Nutrition and Alcohol. You can listen to the episode below: Read More »

Featured Interview: Stress and Stress Hormones

I was recently featured on The Don’t Freak Out! Podcast to talk about Stress and Stress Hormones. You can listen to the episode below: Read More »


How is it possible that the healthiest-sounding foods should turn out to be toxic instead? I’ll deconstruct just two ingredients in a simple snack advertised as carob buckwheat crisps. Buckwheat is an anti-diabetic carbohydrate that is high in healthy fiber. Carob is a very fiber-rich, caffeine-free chocolate alternative. There is no “added” sugar. Sounds like […] Read More »


As women we do it all, including, probably, the laundry. We have to. You don’t need me to tell you how many responsibilities you have, but I would like you to reflect a moment about where on your list of priorities you and your needs fall. What I find is that for most women it’s […] Read More »


Have you ever looked down while driving and seen that you car’s check engine light is on? We have been taught this is very serious, and that we need to get our car into the shop immediately. Imagine what would happen if, rather than heeding the warning light, you just put a piece of masking […] Read More »

Four Stages of Adrenal Fatigue

STAGE 1: REVVING UP You are probably living your life in “fast-forward,” which has put your body into a repeated state of “disaster preparedness training.” Biologically, your body is starting to respond to each stress as if it were a life-or-death situation, which floods the body with the hormone cortisol and its sister hormone adrenaline. […] Read More »


Research has demonstrated that nighttime light exposure suppresses the production of melatonin, the major hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain, which controls sleep-wake cycles.   After 8, do you: Check and respond to email Surf the web Play video games Use mobile phones and laptops Respond to a text message in bed […] Read More »

Thyroid Basics

The function of your thyroid is central to your overall well-being. Every cell in your body and brain needs thyroid hormone to function. It regulates body temperature, mood, weight, and energy.  Literally, your life depends on your thyroid. Unfortunately a typical scenario is to go for medical advice and help with your list of symptoms, […] Read More »

Cravings & Food

Do you have a food you just can’t resist? Something you jokingly refer to as “your fix”? A food that sabotages every attempt to lose weight regardless of your resolve? How does that make you feel? Angry? Defeated? Do you mentally berate yourself for lack of willpower? What if I told you it isn’t willpower, […] Read More »

Insomnia Cycle

Where is your starting point? Eating most of your meals at fast food places? Watching TV and the surfing the net so late that you get your second wind? Taking work to bed with you and plan tomorrow or relive that day? Late nights mean groggy mornings, so maybe you started running late, so it […] Read More »


QUESTION: I am tired of dieting and gaining back all the weight I lost. What diet can I follow to really lose weight? ANSWER: Let’s start right now by removing the word “diet” from our vocabulary. You don’t need to diet. You might need to lose or gain weight to improve your health, but that […] Read More »

15 Healthy Habits for Life

Drink lots of spring or filtered water. Tap water has chlorine or chloramines (chlorine plus ammonia), both of which kill the good bugs in your guts, and it might also contain an industrial waste product peddled as good for you: fluoride. Both affect the thyroid. How much do you need: divide your weight in pounds […] Read More »