Thank you Karla! I’m so grateful to have your help. You have revolutionized the quality of my life. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Alexandra P., San Jose, California, December 2016

I had a great appointment with my functional medicine doc yesterday. He agreed that I need to be on hydrocortisone and I started this morning. He was very impressed with your knowledge and 100% approved the nutrition plan.

Scott B., Ft Collins, Colorado, November 2016

So I wanted to let you know some good news about my son. We met with his counselor, and he actually passed three of his classes this quarter in regular eighth-grade curriculum, which is the first time in a few years.
His therapist said he looked so much better now than before, and N actually smiled, which he hadn’t seen him do, and said his whole affect was so much better. None of this would be possible without you.

Thank you SO much.

Lori Z., Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2016

Thank you!!! After years of autoimmune illnesses (Hashimoto’s and Addison’s) I had dragged myself out of a deep hole with the help of other doctors and practitioners but could not get far away from the hole…insomnia, brain fog, and fatigue still plagued me. I was not depressed but was very often despairing that I could ever get my life back. Anyone who has been ill for a long time will understand the intense suffering and feeling that one will never get well and that one will always have to go through it alone.

Karla is really a forensic, functional nutritionist who looks at lab results, symptoms, your physical look etc., and understands the big picture of what is going on. Karla not only thought outside the box but I felt she did not leave me to suffer alone, she was always thinking about what was happening, particularly when I was stuck. She is a generalist who deconstructs what is ACTUALLY happening with you rather than a specialist who fits you into their favoured treatment protocol (which they run most of their clients/patients through) and then if you fail to change gives up.

Thank you Karla for helping me out of a long dark night of suffering with my health, into a new life.

Neil A., Melbourne, Australia, February 2016

Thanks for a great appointment. I so enjoy getting all the feedback and info from you. Thank you for all you do. You have really changed my life for the better!

Cathy R., Palm Desert, California, January 2016

Dear Karla,

Can’t say enough about the benefits of your guidance! I’m sleeping better than I have in decades, 7-8 hours is now normal. More focused and energetic than I have been in years, I’ve lost around 25-30 lbs in the past 3 months, and I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all. My so-called ADD is at an all-time low.

Thank you,

Kevin C., Tulsa, Oklahoma, November 2015

I wanted to take a moment to put down in words how happy and transformed I am physically and energetically as a result of the help you have given me.

When I came to you six short months ago, I was on my last straw. I truly didn’t know how to go on. I was out of energy and making it through the day—and the night—a challenge.

You graciously met me and understood my situation. You helped me change my diet to one that is dramatically more nourishing, satisfying, and energizing. You told me in no uncertain terms that my mostly vegetarian diet was leaving me depleted of key brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and that I had to begin eating meat, period, or I wouldn’t “get better.” I heard you and reluctantly made a radical diet change, which started improving things immediately.

What a difference! The supplements you specified were (and are) highly effective and very beneficial. Most of all, you were kind, empathetic, and understanding. You gave me practical, detailed, and clear instructions on exactly what to do and when.

Thanks for the help.

David K., Albany, California, June 2015

Dear Karla,
Bless you. I sit here in tears reading your “It isn’t your imagination.” There are a lot of comments in my medical files that would suggest otherwise based on my pleadings for help. Over a decade of searching!! I am so grateful to you for listening and knowing how to lead me out of this. Through the fatigue, I feel hope. Please know how much I appreciate this.

Cathy L., Mobile, Alabama, April 2015

My 7-year-old daughter is talking to her little girlfriend, as the friend has tummy issues and says to her, “you need to go see my mom and she will fix your tummy and if she can’t she will talk to her friend Karla Maree and she will tell her how to fix you even better.” Her friend replies: “I totally want to see your mom and Karla Maree…I need them.”

Laurie H, Kansas, April 2015

My New Husband! I can’t believe how different my husband is. He was dragging coming off the sugar really badly and then he took a nap yesterday and since then is back his old self. I forgot what he used to be like!! He is making all the diet changes and seems like he is out of the woods on the sugar and caffeine withdrawal. Or is that too fast as to be true? Thank you Karla! You are a miracle worker!!
Monica V, California, April 2014

Bless you. I sit here in tears reading your email: “It isn’t your imagination.” There are a lot of comments in my medical files that would suggest otherwise based on my pleadings for help. Over a decade of searching. I am so grateful to you for listening and knowing how to lead me out of this. Through the fatigue, I feel hope. Please know how much I appreciate this.

Cathy L, Alabama, August 2014

All depression is completely gone, I feel great, and people around me are getting sick and I am feeling healthy and good. Cruise update: besides the overflowing amounts of sugar that all the meals and desserts served (I stuck with mostly fruit, and fresh veggies/meats), it was great. The main carb I eat is brown rice. I love eating with color, and you got me to hate all that sugar out there! Fresh colorful food! So, THANK YOU, and I am doing well! I love being off all mood medications! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! You are a blessing!

Emily C., Scotts Valley, California, October 2013

How are you?? It’s been such a long time!! I’m doing really well, thank G-d. My mood is good and stable, I’m really happy and my energy levels are good, and I’m due in 2 weeks!! Thank you so so much. I really can’t even express to you how much you have helped me and brought me to a totally different place in my life. Thank you a million times for everything you’ve done for me and my family.

Shira R, Canada, April 2012

Thanks so much for all your advocacy for my well-being, and especially your guidance through getting the Hashimoto’s diagnosis. I truly appreciate it – I couldn’t have gotten the right treatment for it without your insight and guidance!!

Amanda M, California, June 2012

I highly recommend Karla Maree. Her extensive knowledge of the body, what blood work to order when she suspects a condition, and her ability explain lab work, has been extremely beneficial for both my children and myself. I have seen Karla get to the root of problems that have stumped other practitioners and resolve them quickly and effectively. She has always been a joy to work with.

Nancy M, Shasta, California, November, 2012

I’m very very Happy with my family in Japan and these 3 weeks nothing problem before I had. It’s so fantastic!!! Everything is going super well and I don’t have any problem at all. My hand eczema recovered completely, I had it since I was a child, and I don’t feel depression at all. My mind is totally balanced again. I hope you have a Happy day! Thank you for helping us.

Tomiko I, Japan, April 2011