Karla Maree offers a wide range of holistic services to fit your needs, goals, lifestyle, and health issues. Every person receives custom recommendations.


  • Individualized nutrition therapy (areas of specialization): autoimmune conditions, sleep, thyroid and adrenal energy imbalances, craving eradication, and weight normalization
  • Mood imbalances: depression, anxiety, and addiction
  • Stress analysis, adrenal testing
  • Analysis of lab results with recommendations


  • Corporate wellness seminars and programs (studies prove these save money and enhance employee job satisfaction, and decrease prescription drug use and doctor visits, lower hospital use, and reduce number of health and drug claims)
  • Learn at Lunch sessions for businesses, groups, and doctors for you multi-taskers too busy to schedule time otherwise
  • Public presentations tailored to the interests of your group (for example cholesterol, healthy aging, or menopause)

Karla Maree is available to design corporate nutrition, weight management, and wellness programs.

Use the form below or contact or call 650-430-5250 to talk to Karla or to set up your get-to-know-you appointment.