Cravings & Food


Let’s start right now by removing the word “diet” from our vocabulary.

Diets don’t work. If they did, there wouldn’t be a new fad diet hitting the bestseller lists every other week. Or huge sections of the bookstores and a zillion blogs dedicated to weight loss.
Your ideal weight might not be the “Hollywood” ideal, which is almost universally decried as being too thin and setting unrealistic and unhealthy models of body size.

You might need to lose or gain weight, or just improve your health, but that is done by making healthy choices with professional guidance.

But, you don’t need to diet!

In fact, yo-yo dieting, weight loss from extreme calorie restriction, followed by “falling off the diet,” and gaining back more weight than was lost, often causes loss of muscle mass rather than fat, and some systems can start to slow down, which affects metabolism.


The biggest risk is to post-menopausal women, as the yo-yoing can severely stress the heart, and is implicated in heart attacks. Weight loss does not even need to be big to invoke this response, 5-10 pounds in some people is all that it might take.

Yo-yo dieting and dieting in general also impacts our self-esteem, causes mental distress, life dissatisfaction, and can provoke binge eating.

Your needs are unique and your solution should be too. But dieting is not one of them! If you are struggling to stay on a food plan, then we need to first find those cravings that repeatedly derail your best efforts. Then, we address each craving that makes it impossible to stay on your food plan, whether it is caused by a nutrient deficiency, a neurotransmitter deficiency, a caloric deficiency, hormonal shifts, or blood sugar swings.

What works for you is personal and individual for you, and only for you!
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