Energy, Sleep, & Mood

Are you free of sabotaging, and self-esteem bashing, cravings?

Do you bound out of bed each morning ready to go? Do you fall into blissful, restorative sleep? Are your meals peaceful, nourishing, and delight your palate? Are your hormones balanced and PMS free? Are you optimistic, emotionally balanced, and relaxed?
Did ANY of that sound like you? If not, read on!


Working with your needs and comfort zone, I will help you set goals and provide you with support to ensure your success.

Initial consultation (1½ to 2 hours) includes:

  • Medical history, current medications, and supplement review
  • Diet diary analysis
  • Questionnaire and assessment feedback
  • Individualized recommendations and action plan
  • Mood-boosting amino acids trialing, if they are indicated


Your Journey Continues: Second Appointment and Beyond

We will:

  • Review successes and reevaluate continuing symptoms and challenges
  • Tweak diet and assess for possible food sensitivities
  • Determine labs that might need to be done
  • Reevaluate supplements for possible updates
  • Explore stress management, balancing priorities, sleep hygiene, and so on
  • Subsequent consultations typically 30 to 60 minutes.