How is it possible that the healthiest-sounding foods should turn out to be toxic instead?

I’ll deconstruct just two ingredients in a simple snack advertised as carob buckwheat crisps.

Buckwheat is an anti-diabetic carbohydrate that is high in healthy fiber. Carob is a very fiber-rich, caffeine-free chocolate alternative. There is no “added” sugar. Sounds like a dream treat, right?

Here’s the reality of this particular “health” bar deconstructed:

Carob is 50% natural sugar, similar to dried fruit.

Refining buckwheat has had all fiber eliminated from it, similar to white rice.

Dietary fiber slows the release of sugar into the body. Once you remove the fiber, your body treats these foods like simple sugar. Similar to white bread.

What this means is each bar is 36% sugar, more a sugar bomb than a healthy snack.

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