Insomnia Cycle

Where is your starting point? Eating most of your meals at fast food places? Watching TV and the surfing the net so late that you get your second wind? Taking work to bed with you and plan tomorrow or relive that day?
Late nights mean groggy mornings, so maybe you started running late, so it was easy to grab coffee and a muffin on the way to work.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious from work and family pressure, and so stressed and overwhelmed that you feel as if you might shatter at any moment? Or like a rubber band pulled so tight you might snap at any moment?
You feel miserable but don’t know how to put on the brakes. Using caffeine to wake up only makes things worse at night.

Xanax and Ambien can leave you lethargic and craving the energy of caffeine in the morning. Plus, they are terribly addictive. Sleeping pills are also habit forming. A glass of wine at bedtime to get to sleep might help get you to sleep, but it also causes you to wake up at 2 AM. So you can see, these are not solutions, and in fact, are causing problems worse than your original insomnia, which you still have!

Sometimes a life out of control causes a spike in the stress hormone cortisol (the “sister” hormone to adrenaline) at 2 AM.

Whatever started it, one thing leads to another and your life has gotten caught in a vicious downward circle of dysfunction leading to chronically poor sleep.
Understanding your personal insomnia cycle is key to helping you finally get that deep, refreshing, restorative sleep you do desperately desire.

Often help can be as simple as picking your spot on the circle here, and begin changing just that one issue.

Click here to go the Sleep Assessment and see where you can use help.

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