Have you ever looked down while driving and seen that you car’s check engine light is on?

We have been taught this is very serious, and that we need to get our car into the shop immediately.

Imagine what would happen if, rather than heeding the warning light, you just put a piece of masking tape over it instead.   

Does that mean that the problem is gone? No, of course not; all it means is that you have masked the problem.

Ignoring the problem will, over time, only make it worse. Our health is a lot like that. Unfortunately, we don’t have a check engine light.

What we do have are symptoms, which are the body’s equivalent. Symptoms tell us something is wrong. Sometimes we ignore them. Sometimes we go to the doctor, where we are often given medications.  While some drugs are crucial and life-saving, most are designed to suppress and mask symptoms.

If you stop taking the drug, your symptoms usually come back, and sometimes much worse.

So, my approach is to start with your symptoms, figure out what they are telling us, then work to find their root cause. Together we repair the damage, and restore your good health.







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